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Notice regarding discontinuation of sale of Nissen items.

The sale of Nissen items has been discontinued as of the end of June, 2010.
For any inconvenience this may have caused you, we are sincerely sorry.
At JSHOPPERS.com, we continue to sell the following items that are popular in Japan.
Everyone here at JSHOPPERS.com wishes you to continue enjoy shopping with us.
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Stitch Pattern Band Knit Top Cropped Wide Pants Double Head Zipper Design Bag
  JP¥ 8,340
JP¥ 5,840
  JP¥ 4,590~
JP¥ 3,220~
  JP¥ 5,090
JP¥ 3,570
[RyuRyu] Chenille Yarn French-Turtleneck Knit
JP¥ 2,870~
[RyuRyu] Shaggy Material Bow Design Coat-Style Cardigan   [Cecile] Print Top   [Cecile] Topper Cardigan   [Cecile] Fleece-Lined High-Neck Blouse (Permanent-Press)
JP¥ 5,740
  JP¥ 1,140~
  JP¥ 2,980~
  JP¥ 4,590~
[Cecile] Sweat-Style Slim Tapered Jeans
JP¥ 4,590~
[Cecile] Sweat-Style Soft Wide Jeans   [RyuRyu] Windproof Warm Beautiful Line Stretchy Skinny Pants   [Cecile] Knit Denim Skinny Pants   [RyuRyu] Beautiful Stretchy High-Waist Skinny Pants
JP¥ 4,590~   JP¥ 4,790~   JP¥ 3,440~   JP¥ 3,640